ESOF 2018 - Global change : challenges and opportunities

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le 13 juillet 2018
15:15 - 16:30 / Parallel sessions

Workshop Wine and global change : the challenge of economic globalization and new wine cultures Michaël Pouzenc, Université Jean Jaurès

Wine and global change : the challenge of economic globalization

Since the late 1970s, international trade has expanded at an unprecedented rate, leading
to the term, the "Second Globalization" (e.g. Aglietta and Le Cacheux, 2007). New wine
producing countries have emerged in the so-called "New World" and then in the Asian
continent, especially China (Giroir, 2015), while in the European producing countries, the
consumption of wine has declined steadily (OIV, 2015). Today, paradoxically in a context
of increasing globalization, international wine trade seems to be stabilizing.
In this workshop, we will organize a debate based on two short presentations. On the one
hand, we will review the most recent trends. On the other hand, we will discuss the
impact of global changes on stakeholders and analyze two hypotheses:
- the possible need for increasingly diversified strategies.
- a possible recomposition of the convergences and divergences between the different
categories of stakeholders.
If the first hypothesis is confirmed, another question will be raised: is this diversification of
strategies due to a different perception/representation of global changes? or is it only due
to the particular profiles and professional trajectories of the stakeholders?
If the second hypothesis holds, it will be necessary to identify the new balances that will
emerge between individual strategies, small collectives (small groups of independent
wine growers, for example) and collectives (cooperative cellars, for example).

Submitted by Danielle CORNOT - Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès

Speakers :
Eric ROUVELLAC - Université de Limoges, UMR CNRS 6042 GEOLAB,
Danielle CORNOT - Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès,
Peter HAYES - International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), Charles Sturt University,
Valerie OLIVIER - INP ENSAT - IN VINO VARIETAS- UMR (INP-INRA) 1248 AGIR-ODYCEE, associé à Dynamiques rurales (UMR LISST),
Michaël POUZENC - Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès