Research teams

The laboratory has 4 research teams
Presentation of the center for Social Anthropology - LISST CAS

The research carried out within the Center for Social Anthropology covers a large part of the classic fields of anthropology (kinship, religious fact, politics, economics, etc.). They have a marked diachronic dimension, with attention paid by a certain number of members to the historicity of the social. They are organized in particular around a few major cross-cutting themes: living things, reflexivity, belief, forms of link and materialities (find out more).
The team meets and discusses during the monthly sessions of the General Anthropology Seminar. It is involved in education and training, its members leading the bachelor's, master's and doctorate courses in anthropology at Jean Jaurès University.
Presentation of the team of Fundamental Sociology - LISST CERS

The Collective: Network and Society Experiences (CERS) is the fundamental sociology team of LISST, with which psychologists have recently joined. Anxious to avoid all forms of naturalization in the social world, the members of the CERS are attentive to the plurality of logics of action and capable of coherently mobilizing different theoretical currents but made compatible by the articulation of scales of analysis . The point of entry common to team members is that of the actors, their relationships, their activities and their experiences, of which the forms of involvement in social space are studied.
The members of the CERS develop their projects and their research activities by leading, alongside their colleagues in the laboratory, the axes of interdisciplinary research carried out at LISST.
Presentation of Urban Studies center - LISST CIEU

CIEU works on the transformations of cities, under the influence of an increasingly globalized circulation of models, norms and forms of organization of urban societies. Its researchers explore diverse areas, ranging from local spaces to more distant geographic areas.
Among the main research themes, we can cite the habitat, the relationship between economy and urban spaces, the sustainable city and the urban climate. The CIEU pays particular attention to policies that act on the city, helping to modify both its social and civic functioning and its economic structures.
The team's work relates not only to Toulouse and the cities of Midi-Pyrénées but also to European cities (Berlin, Bristol, Zaragoza, etc.), to cities in Russia and Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Mexico) , West Africa (Dakar, Saint-Louis ...), or South (Namibia, South Africa ...) of the Middle East (Cairo), the Maghreb, the United States, Canada ...
Presentation of the team of Rural Dynamics - LISST DR

Dynamiques Rurales is an interdisciplinary team which combines geography, sociology, management, economics, audio-visual, law. It is led by a scientific project focusing on the study of the dynamics and recomposition of ruralities in all their dimensions (productive, social and spatial), in the North and in the South. This project is broken down into three research themes: (i) sustainability and redefinition of relationships with nature; (ii) globalization, inequalities in development and local rurality; (iii) benchmarks and policies for development and planning of rural areas (find out more)
The team associates an interdisciplinary doctoral training project with the research project. With its interdisciplinary approach, it favors multiple interactions between different disciplinary fields and fields of research, in the North as in the South.