The Laboratory

LISST (Interdisciplinary Solidarity, Societies, Territories Laboratory) is a Joint Research Unit in Human and Social Sciences with wide thematic coverage which falls under sections 36, 38 and 39 of the CNRS. It is located at the Maison de la Recherche on the Mirail campus of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès University. The LISST is supervised by the University of Toulouse - Jean Jaurès, the CNRS, the EHESS and the ENSFEA.

The LISST scientific project is to contribute globally to the understanding of the dynamics of contemporary societies. He is interested in:
- Solidarity : in all their forms, whether it is spontaneous arrangements or public arrangements,
- Societies : globalization, innovation, fragmentation, diversity of social and economic worlds, recomposition of inequalities,
- Territories : considered not as a simple "surface" of deployment but as a component of social dynamics.

Composition of the UMR :

      16 Researchers
      87 Teacher-researchers
            (including14 Emeritus)
      8 Engineers and Technicians
      77 Doctoral students
      6 Non-permanent members (>=1an)

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Research is carried out by 4 teams: LISST-CAS (Social Anthropology Center), LISST-CERS (Collective: Experiences Networks and Societies), LISST-CIEU (Interdisciplinary Center for Urban Studies), LISST-Rural Dynamics (learn more). The work carried out by each team is completed within 5 transversal lines of research, both spaces for inter-team dialogue and thematic incubators: Environment and Societies, Globalizations, Territorial differentiations and collective action, Innovations and society, Life courses and inequalities (learn more).

LISST : An internationalized laboratory whose fields of investigation are located in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.
An inscription in the life of the University : LISST contributes to the organization of teaching in different educational components and in particular in several Masters offered by the University of Toulouse - Jean Jaurès, the National University Champollion Institute, ENSFEA and EHESS (Learn more - french)