Transversal lines of research

The transversality of the LISST scientific project within the 5 research lines
"Territorial differentiations and collective actions" axis
This axis aims to promote, and even in a second step to stimulate, work carried out within LISST on a set of questions relating to the dynamics of territories, their differentiation (according to spaces, scales, even temporalities) and to power. to act that is deployed there. Three perspectives of analysis emerge: territorial differentiations, collective actions, singular methodologies.
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The scientific objective of the ENVIES axis is twofold. It is about exploring on the one hand interdisciplinarity in practice, and on the other hand the sharing of knowledge about the environment in different professional fields or from different knowledge production sectors.
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"Innovation and society"axis
There is not really an inventor and users, nor pioneers or latecomers and the challenge is no longer to disseminate something new but in the way of carrying out the activity. We then speak of social innovation ...
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“Globalizations, Mobilities, Circulations” axis
Beyond the discourses usually focused on globalization - praised and / or rejected as the mark of a new modernity - the researchers gathered in this axis propose to grasp globalizations, that is to say to think about the practices , the causes and consequences of the intensification of traffic and exchanges in their diversity and their singularity.
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"Life course and Inequalities: GEnre, Health, Territory and RelationS" axis
This axis aims to put into perspective the work carried out within the LISST on a set of questions relating to life courses by focusing, in particular, on the constructions and experiences of inequalities, vulnerabilities, minorities, dominations as well. than those relating to solidarity.
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